How long does a review typically take?

Reviews are categorized into three priority levels.

Estimated time for completion:

  • Level I: 2 weeks

  • Level II: 4 weeks

  • Level III: 6-8 weeks

Can I use an Instructional solution while it's being reviewed?

LCPS recommends that teachers use solutions with students that have been reviewed via the Onboard process. If you have a specific instructional need you are trying to address, talk to your school’s Instructional Facilitator for Technology. They can help you identify supported tools (or tools that have already been reviewed) that can meet your needs.

Who performs the reviews?

The OnBoard review is performed collaboratively by the Department of Instruction and the Department of Digital Innovation. 8 separate teams review their respective areas, including Data Privacy, Security, Educational Technology, Communications Engineering, Data Center Operations, Enterprise Support, Endpoint Management, and Assistive Technology. Each team looks at the solution from their respective lens.

If I have questions about a review, who do I contact?

Work with your IFT if you have questions about a review that is in progress. The IFT can reach out for additional assistance as needed.

What do I do with my completed review?

If you move forward with using the requested solution, make sure Procurement has a copy of the contract and the vendor has signed a Data Protection Addendum (DPA). Procurement can provide the most recent version of the DPA for you to send to your vendor.

When do I need to request parental consent for a student to use a solution?

If students are logging into an application where they are manually entering usernames and passwords that identify them, or where the application is creating education records, and the application is not being auto-rostered/sign on at the district level, then PARENTAL CONSENT IS REQUIRED before use. This will be noted in the completed OnBoard review as well as in the Ed Tech Catalog (accessed through LCPSGO). Permission forms can be created using templates available in Permission Click.