Welcome to OnBoard!

Loudoun County Public Schools supports hundreds of software applications, websites, online resources, and services. These digital tools are referred to as solutions. OnBoard allows LCPS staff to submit solutions for technology review. LCPS will evaluate the solution and ensure it is fit for use. Following the review, submitters will receive a full review document and the final review decision.

Instructional Technology Review

Only the Educational Technology Office can submit solutions for review at this time. If you are a teacher, please work with your IFT if you'd like to submit a solution for review.

IFTS, please use the Ed Tech Screener to submit a solution for review. Before submitting a solution for review, take a moment to browse the Ed Tech Catalog for solutions already supported by the district. The Ed Tech Office will review oyur submission and if they don't have any questions, will submit for Onboarding review.

If you need technical assistance with a current solution, please use the Support Center.

See our FAQ page for more information on the review process.

Administrative Technology Review

This section is currently undergoing maintenance. Please email michael.wright@lcps.org for assistance submitting an administrative solution review.

The table below shows the status of submitted solutions.